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Soul Fragmentation
Broken Within   Art on the raw edge (non decor)
From the darker side of life as there is no light without darkness.
Art that provokes thoughts and emotions for awareness.


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Broken is about the expression of inner pain & trauma, individuals often feel from being in a dogmatic controlled society, where the human condition often keeps us repressed  & living in fear. Due to manipulation of power, systems of control, negative media, politics, financial structures, bad parenting, dominance, the rules of the game in life & the human condition. Which in turn keep us in a limited state of unawareness, in the loop, within the boundaries of conformity we are forced to live in.

It is also an expression of Soul Fragmentation that individual experience as they go through negative programming, abuse, negative controlling beliefs, bad parenting, disfunctionel family lives, flawed systems, violence, betrayal, unconscious bias, persecution from those who think there above others in the social heirarchy of society. Social injustice creating wounded hurt parts of ourselves that are crying within, resulting in the soul fragmenting on the spiritual level.

Which is part of the collective consciousness, from the shadows of the psyche, where hopelessness resides. Creating knots within, negative attachments, difficulties, challenges, in-prisonment within from dogmatic structures  The control of human perception from mass media. changing policies,  & lies creating fear. Pain, addiction, disatisfaction of self, anxiety & depression, fragility, vulnerability, isolation. That create's a huge energetic cauldron of the unwanted shadow self from puppetry, the suffering of humanity & crucifixion of self. From the inner dimensions of the human being.

Where there is love, there is hope

Warning- view if you dare!

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Part of me is bleeding, part of me is hurting, part of me is fragmented!!!


 Sketchs slideshow-click to view

The Childhood Toy Box & The family Loo!



For the purpose of anti abuse and war, etc.



There is hope, there is light, for victims of soul fragmentation.

I have done the journey myself, it works. - See below

Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation One

You tube video by Russel Forsyth

Spiritual Healer & Lightworker


Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation Two

You tube video by Russel Forsyth

Spiritual Healer & Lightworker

Shamanic, Soul Retrieval, Doctoring the soul

You tube video by Lyn De La Motte

Spiritual Shaman

I am a spiritual healer, lightworker, shaman, psychic, clairvoyant myself working with the higher frequencies, the divine intelligence  in the universe.
Helping people to heal within & recover from their own soul fragments.
I currently work online doing psychic readings & do personnel energy healings sessions to aid recovery in the human energy field.
See my website for light work or contact me for a personnel reading or healing, either one to one or via skype.
May the light of the divine be with you, with blessings of love


For those of you who would like to express their own inner pain. I am happy to list links to your own web pages to tell a story. 

Please contact me for approvals of page and content.


For those of you with successful stories of

Retrieval from Soul Fragmentation through energy healing.

Please share your story as it gives other people hope for the future.

I am happy to list links to web pages to tell your story.



Soul retrival
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