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Adventures in Painting,

techniques, abstraction, colour & light studies

from the brush strokes of the studio, by Penelope.

I had an interest in the studying of abstraction, colour and light for my painting practices. I  then discovered various aspects & projects to incorperate my choosen area of study.

My original interest in abstract composition and my passion for colour, developed into the study of light in various forms :-

1. A disciplined focused precisely painted oils - images that originated from photography and digital media, for a disciplined, abstract, fine line painting practice with floods of color.

2. An inner visionary aspect - from my studies of spiritualism, meditation practices & the inner world of light in the soul.

3. Free flowing tool shed art. - The use of the commercial paint palette in loose, free flowing, texture based & recycled materials studies, that are fun and an excuse to get messy in experimentations. These are an experience to view, as they are about reflective light, lustre & movement on the surface of the canvas.



Shatter Paintings & Digital Media - Oil paintings & digital media from explodng screen savers & shattering the image.

The paintings are finely precise brushstrokes from a disciplined and focused painting practice, with many layers and fine line work created by capturing the abstract nature of colour, light and movement from a screen saver on a computer screen, then manipulating the image through a sequence of exploding & shattering them, which proved to be good compositions for a translation of an image in the ethers to be reproduced into a physical nature through painting.

The digital imagery is from the study of light and movement from modern technology, as the flashing images of screen savers where frozen in time with photography and manipulated by shattering them in a sequence to form an abstract image from the etheal nature of light from modern technology.




RAINBOW Light Spectrum Paintings & Photography

Oil paintings & photography from the study of the etheral nature of light reflections, capturing colours, shapes and abstract patterns that are present in daily life. Light that is of a different density to physical reality, as it is unsolid, of the ethers and tangable.

The paintings are produced with an aspect of the joyfull inner childs passion for rainbow colours, with flat spaces in the surface.

The photography is enlarged images of tiny imprints of full spectrum light frozen in time, a still image that shows the unsolid nature of ethereal natural sunlight.

Other Colour Study Paintings -Oil paintings and manipulated digital media from the study of colour, form and computerised design, creating imagery for paintings. The paintings are precision brush strokes from the exploration of colour and composition.

Free Flowing Tool Shed Art

            from the study of Colour, Light, Materials, Reflective Surfaces & recycling

Sculptural Recycled Waste Paintings - Commercial paint, mixed media, texturing, raised surfaces and reflective materials  from researching urbanism and recyling waste materials. These paintings are lose in the working process of production and more of an experience to the viewer with the sculptural overtures and reflective surfaces.

Jazz Art, Glitz Paintings - Commercial metalic paint, mixed media, glitter, texturing, dripped, run & splattered paint that brings light reflections, movement from the surface and glitz into the abstract imagery. Paintings that have come from the study of Jackson Pollocks free flowing run surfaces, with the addition of glue and glitter. Maps of woven interlaced colour and tones with a light resonance.

Texture Landscape Paintings - Acrylic paintings and reflective pearly paints that are woven into the canvas to give a textured resonance within a landscape.

The Light from Inner Visions & Meditation practice

Another form of studying light, from the inner nature of the soul. Using inner visions, higher consciousness & meditation to see within.

Vortexs & energy spirals, angels & other visions, from my minds eye.




 The practise of art makes the soul grow & the artist offers sanctuary, beauty or meaningfull purpose to the world.

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