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My inspiration for contemporary art embodies the study of shadow & light, physically & psychologically. Where I utilize my passion for colour with abstract painting practices or play with aspects of the human psyche by creating interpretations of the shadows of man. Both relate to the ethereal realms, that which is unsolid in nature, of anti gravity, but universal & beyond physical reality which I translate or interpret into an art form, bringing what is in the ethers into physical solid matter.

These art practices are informed by my second esoteric website, which is a foundation for energy healing, psychic clairvoyant practices I do as a light worker. Which gives me an in depth understanding about colour, soul & spirt, the inner world of feeling, being, seeing, energy & vibration.

I also follow Ruldolph Stieners theories of the spirited in art practices & his school of thought on spiritual consciousness as a channel for light. so my life becomes a meditation on colour, energy & vibration. Which in turn gives me insights into the psychological shadows of humanity.

I love to encompass the full spectrum of colour, the tones within light & the hues of the shadows in painting practices as I experiment with various materials, paints, fabrics for costume or soft sculptures, as also the use of the camera, film & digital media for the purpose of art prints.

As art to me is a spiritual practice where I can observe the external seen physicality of color, textures, shadow & light or see beyond into ethereal dimensions to observe the colours within light or the lack of colour in the shadows, that are often in the human psyche.










Within these projects I experiment with various materials, record various light sources, different matters of solidity, various aspects of spirituality


My passion however is colour and light, which is a practice of observing the external seen physicality of colour, light and painting practices in contemporary art studies. This allows me to embody the spiritual, living energetic vibrations within colour which is ethereal in nature from my inner knowing of energetic vibrations within colour.




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My Inner visionary art is a translation of perception from open mindedness and receptivity of other ethereal dimensions.comes from my minds eye & deep spiritual insights, having walked a sacred path with my connection to higher consciousness as a natural born clairvoyant. This allows me to read energetic vibrations by connecting to universal knowledge through the collective consciousness, cosmic forces & the three states of consciousness of man, including aspects of our inner child, our divine God self & subconscious fear based repression, within the inner world of spirit, vibration, energy & esoteric science.

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My Shadow art, is a partial connection to my energetic light work, as there is no light with out darkness, being that it relates to the shadows of the human psychi & humanity. It is thought provoking, art on the razor blade edge, a tool that has a meaning and purpose behind it, from matters of the heart, to raise issues in society. It is an observation of the fear based darker side of humanity, where individuals souls are fragmented and disconnected from the true source of a divine cosmic order.


I am inspired by the contemporary artists Alex Grey for bringing the spirituality of higher consciousness into the contemporary art world & Ian Davenport for his adventures in commercial paints.

Historically Jackson Pollock for his loose way of working with paints & Dali for his surrealist images.


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