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Analogue imagery about the under world of the Human Psyche & the Shadow's of Man 

      Using art to express the  'lack of light' as a powerful source of communication & a window into the darker side of life

Art on the raw edge

                As there is no light without darkness or shadows.



GHOST is a soft sculptured costume, in a state of metamorphis, that has also been photographed & filmed in action to give it life and movement. It is a project about the shadow aspect of the psychi, which is repressed in our subconscious

It is the ghost of all things past, an apperition, an imprint of what once lived energetically within someone, it is the shadow of times past awaiting the angel of death & transformation of the soul for new beginings.


BROKEN porcalien dolls - Project Two- A project on the fragmentation of the human psychi. Photography of broken porcalian dolls that have been created depicting abuse, war and carnage as an expression of the inner pain humans suffer from projections of abuse & negative critism etc.


Images are for the purpose of anti abuse, anti war slogans and raising issues around damaging effects on humans. etc.

DSCN5003 copy (2).jpg

PUPPETRY with Puppets - Project Three

Chasing Shadows in Society - Project Four

ghost anchor

Using Art to raise issues in society

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