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Reflections of a crown of thorn's

I often wonder why I wore a crown of thorns, why I was not seen, why I was not heard, why I was the door mat for others negative projections.
 Did I breath, did I die within, did I see the moon in my dreams, touch the stars and fly around the sun?     I did as it was the safest place to be!!!

Was I a prisoner to circumstances, a prisoner to fear, was I controlled, conditioned to negative aspects in life?
Prehapes I was or wasnt?    But what is normal to one person, is not normal to another!

I dont know why I felt so alone?
It must have been the part of me that was hurting, the part of me that split off into the universe.

 Was I told not to cry, not to have feelings?  

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Did God forget me?
Prehapes I am not worthy of him?
No thats how I was made to feel!

Will I live to be old, frail
whole in myself?

I often dreamt of being a "Dance Queen"
                     But I never really believed in myself?        Until  Now!!!!!


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