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GHOST from the shadows of the psyche  

    Is about the studies of the spirit & soul in humans as a representation  of the shadow aspect of the psyche which is repressed in our subconscious. As also the spirit of ghostly hauntings in other dimensions from individuals who have passed on, died & left their physical body. Both are related to one another, both are the same aspect of a shadow, the only difference is in the dimension they are in, one is within someone on earth, the other is  an ethereal fragment of someone's soul  in a lighter dimension, who once lived on earth. (not to be confused with spirits like angels who have never incarnated on earth, although they are both from the same dimensional realm, one however has a higher vibration to the other)

As the shadows of the psyche  are an energetic imprint whether  alive & living, or gone to the other side unhealed in a soul (this is work to be done whilst in spirit form , as the soul imprint  lives on in the light energy body after death of the physical body) As unresolved negative pre-conditioning, out dated beliefs and old wounds reside energetically in our light energy body. Until such time they are tapped and transformed into positive aspects of ourselves. And this is why hauntings occur, (as individual souls who pass over often leave the earth plane traumatised, sad with unfinished business, guilty of something,  or with soul fragmentation, which means the lower fear based imprint is left earthbound.) It is part of the terrestrial consciousness of transcending reality on the earth plane with the hearts  receptivity & souls capacity to grow spirituality in awakening to higher truths of self realisation in manifesting our divine aspects in the soul.

But not all individuals do, hence we have the shadows of the psyche  (which can cause bad behaviour in individuals on earth or create a haunting if they have passed to another dimension via psychic imprints.) So unless we intergrate our shadow aspect into our higher divine self by doing inner transformation work , transcending fear based energies into light, knowledge & wisdom by letting go & de-cording from the unwanted past, we are stuck with our shadow.

Which brings an individual into a state of  metamorphosis in that process. The renewal of self & death of the old.

Which is why I have created the classical stereotype theatrical ghost costume with its ethereal like appearance depleted in colour, like apparitions of ghosts, with whispery strings & shreds hanging from it, to represent old corded past attachments of the shadows, representations  of what has been, that has lived,  manifested, been torn , trampled on. from past situations & individuals, lost, gone & fragmented. 

Which was then filmed, photographed or  manipulated with digital media to capture the characteristics of what once was through performance art with a few props & scenes.

Its a symbolic figure of life beyond deaths veil  & the unseen  subconscious life force within us that resides in the light energy body on etheric levels, the repressed psyche, the unwanted subconscious fears.

 It seems to raise a few question with individuals, as it taps into their subconsciousness mind, questioning what is beyond the veil of death, after the death of the physical body or what is unwanted within them buried in the subconscious that haunts them, following them on a leash in their daily lives. It is a subject that connects to soul & spirit, energetic imprints in the universe & higher conscious awareness of spirit,  inner transformation through self awareness , which  are multi layered subjects on there own in the quantum field.

In truth however ghost's do not look like this, as there various in colour, shape, energy, age & dress etc. Which is the knowledge  & awareness I have gained from  my work as a psychic clairvoyant. A subject I am aware of with my ability to see auras, energetic energy fields around individuals in another dimension. The transformation of these shadows whether within a living human or a soul in spirit is the work of a light worker.

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Walking the Serpent short video

Anchor 2

 Images of the ghost are in a collaborative Arthouse film production with producer Paul Desilva and film director Robert Chilcott.
( images are temporary unavailable online here. Due to agreements)
Ghost has also taken a journey into the  esoteric world of mind-fullness, spirit & soul through a digital media design process.  For the development of  an open print series with mystical spiritual  imagery & products . Available on
They will also be used in the near future  for  the development of a ghost card oracle pack . 

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The Crystaline Ghost Series

The Mystical Ghost
Oracle card pack in development

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