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Abstract Shattered Light Studies

This project is a combination of paintings & digital media from the age of technology that brings a tangible gallery of possibilities into the physical realm from the etheric nature of light on screensavers. The moving image from modern technology, that is of anti gravity, un-solid in nature, coming from the in between world, another dimension beyond the physical plane. The screen saver was frozen in time through photography and then manipulated by a process of shattering the image repetitively to create tangible images from the nature of light. These were then translated into abstract oil paintings where I experimented with deep contrasts of light & shadow to add depth to an image with an aesthetic beauty in mind.

Oil Paintings, all have a painted flat black side to finish    

Divinity, by Penelope Cake.jpg
Galatica- oil painting.jpg
The Blue Rider- oil painting.jpg
IMG_9162 (1).jpg

For all computerised media images - go to                     

All paintings and images are available for print on canvas or mounted in a frame - Please request specifications

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