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Soul Fragmentation

This is an art form with no intimacy , it is art on the raw edge, it is nasty, dark, repulsive, ugly, crude & extreme. It is uncomfortable to view, but then some aspects of life are, when it comes to wars, abuse & other negative destructive damaging issues that humans are subjected too.

In turn these humans are left with dark imprints in there light energy body, as the stains of the past continue to haunt them, leave them with a fragmented mindset, torment them with inner pain & other negative personality issues. Until transformed & released through self healing or therapy etc.

The images are however created for an objective outcome to raise awareness about the effects of abuse, projected negativity from individuals, physical injury as well as mental health issues etc. They are not about encouraging these acts at all, they are purely an expression of experience from past damaging issues in my own life.

They do however portray a visual language as a collective to convey a message. They are partly about documenting a message in life, with a window into carnage that pushes a boundary & gives myself as an artist a voice. About damage to the soul from trauma, resulting in soul fragmentation.

This in turn causes mental health issues, due to genetic de-graduation resulting in distorted & destructive behaviour, as also possible self harm issues.

As living beings who have gone through extreme suffering can fracture into pieces on the energetic soul level. As eventually the energetic soul matrix level of an individual fragments & splits, due to the disconnected soul energy issues.

This in turn causes negative entity attachments from the astral plane to attach like glue to negative trapped phantom pockets of the fragmented persona, whilst they live off the fear. As multidimensional dark entities exist energetically in the earth field by attaching to an individual with negative thought forms.

The images themselves were created by using porcelain dolls in many forms which were photographed or manipulated through digital media to create a nostalgic view point.

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DSCN5012 - Version 2.jpg
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