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I am the daughter of a builder, so having been around building sites in my childhood, I learnt a lot about materials & design aspects from my father. I spent many years doing cake decorating, working with the architecture of tiered cakes, modelling & sculpturing aspects of sugar craft. I then moved in a more spiritual direction & done a course in colour healing which gave me an in depth understanding about colour. This later developed into me seeing into ethereal dimensions, individual's energy fields, ghosts, spirits & universal energy fields etc. All this combined gave me a good foundation for art practices & design in many areas of life. I discovered however in studying light & colour, in art practices, I had to study the shadows too. I could not do one without the other, due to the balance of the ying & yang in life.

My inspiration for contemporary art embodies the physical experimentations of materials, as also the psychological aspect of shadow's & light . Where I utilize my passion for colour with abstract painting practices as a colourist or play with aspects of the human psyche by creating interpretations of the psychological shadows of man. Both relate to the ethereal realms, that which is unsolid in nature, of anti gravity, but universal & sourced from beyond physical reality for interpretation, which I then translate into an art form, bringing what is in the ethers into physical solid matter.

These art practices are informed by my second esoteric website, which is a foundation for energy healing, psychic clairvoyant practices I do as a light worker. Which gives me an in depth understanding about colour, soul & spirt, the inner world of feeling, being, seeing, energy & vibration.

Hence my life has now become a meditation of colour, energy & vibration, where my awareness gives me insights into the shadows of humanity. The unwanted darker shadow aspects of the human psyche, that persist's until such time they are addressed, be it in a human on earth or a host on the other side in the ethereal realms.

I also follow Ruldolph Stieners theories of the spirited in art practices & his school of thought on spiritual consciousness as a channel for light. I share his passion for colour, as I love to encompass the full spectrum of colour, a kalidoscope of the tones within light & the hues of the shadows in painting practices as I experiment with various materials, paints, fabrics for costume or soft sculptures, as also the use of the camera, film & digital media for the purpose of art prints.

As art to me is a spiritual practice where I can observe the external seen physicality of color, textures, materials, shadow & light. Or see beyond into ethereal dimensions to observe the colours within light or the lack of colour in the shadows, that are often in the human psyche.

Through the study of light & shadow, as also feeling the need to express myself in a colourful way, I have now moved into an art practice where I merge colour & light into the shadows. As seen in my colour ghost prints, created from classical theatrical ghost costumes, some of which are for sale on my esoteric website about soul & spirit, due to different markets & different schools of thought.

But of course in truth ghosts do not look like that, I use the common representation of a ghost in a playful way as people relate to it & some want to play too, including children. The production of my ghost series is there for interactive, spontaneous & adventurous with many possibilities that span various avenues including entertainment.

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