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My Art Exhibitions &  Art Activities
Education BA Hons Fine Art Painting
Wimbledon School of Art 2013

Progress Theatre, Reading

Solo show

Abstract Shattered Light Oil Paintings

Paintings 8th January to 20th February 2023

progress theater reading.jpg
Light Spectrum Paintings.jpg
wok arts trail.jpg

Wokingham Arts Trail, Berkshire
Group Show

18th & 19th September 2021

 Resident artist & interactive filming project with ghost
The Barge Inn, Honeystreet -
March  to July 2020

postcard 4.jpg

 La Gallaria, Pall Mall, London
Group Show

Abstract Shattered Light Oil Paintings
11th to 16th December 2017 

Collabrative Film project
March 2016 - 2017

 Using my artistic creativity to make a film with Paul Dasilva (a film producer from Promovision TV UK & an International Journalist) & Film Director Robert Chilcott (from Tiresias Films, a contributing editor of Vertigo Magazine and The Chap Magazine) - A continuation from the Art Maze exhibition This film project got expanded & developed into many scenes with other costumes I made, a model from the London catwalk who played an angel and other characters. As also the fact that the film director and myself jelled well with our creativity, so we got carried away with the production - The original short 20 minute film, is now 75 minutes long and still being edited - To be launched soon as an Arthouse Production.

Exhibit Here's Art Maze 
The Barge House, Oxo Tower, South Bank, London 

Group Show   
                              The Shadow Ghost                                   16th to 20th Dec 2015

Parrallax Art Fare - Chelsea Town Hall, London
Group Show  

       Abstract Shattered Light Oil Paintings                28th feb 2015 to 1st march 2015



Wimbledon School of Art 2009-2013
June 2013
End of year show - Mixed Graduates Exhibition

Cosmic Energy Exhibition
May 2013 - BNS Space, Wimbledon School of Art --Solo-

Broken Exhibition

May 2013 - BNS Space, Wimbledon School of Art - Solo-

Light Spectrum Paintings Exhibition

March 2013 - BNS Space, Wimbledon School of Art - Solo-

Shatter Painting Exhibition

Feb 2013 - BNS Space, Wimbledon School of Art - Solo-

Recycled Waste Paintings Exhibition

Feb 2013 -Wimbledon School of Art - Solo-


Shattered Light Exhibition 6.jpg
DSCN5252 (7).jpg
Edited Image 2015-1-16-19:22:14
me- parrallax ex.jpg
Edited Image 2015-1-16-19:17:51
DSCN5178.jpg 2015-1-16-19:19:32
Edited Image 2015-1-16-17:34:0
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 19.47.37.png
Chelsea Town Hall sign.png
Edited Image 2015-1-16-19:24:4
Edited Image 2015-1-16-19:28:51
creative activity 09 002.JPG
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