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Article on  Bridging the contemporary art world

               with the esoteric world of mindfulness, soul & spirit.        

This was a big issue for me  at art school,  as the  approach to teaching is different, as the contemporary art world views art in a different way to the thinking & being of the school of esoteric wisdom, spirit, soul & mindfulness. They are two different schools of thought, although they are linked in the creative practice, an aspect of  an individual artists soul aspects. Both are contextual , but the markets seem to be divided as it is about the way the art practice is presented. 

They are both taught differently, they are two ways of thinking within a  specific school of thought.  Both use senses however in the creative process, both touch on  inner growth, which is a spiritual aspect of our soul, where the artists antenna is tuned into their art making practice. The difference is in left brain and right brain thinking and training. As  the contemporary art world to be left brain rational thinking, the logical  process and critical thinking, where the connection to the theory and image is a research as a core practice. Which differs to the  esoteric, spiritual world  of  mindfulness, soul & spirit, as it is assessed through right brain intuitive thinking, the journey through our heart center and the vibration of oneness with the collective consciousness. Both schools of thought however merge into the others boundaries, both are about creative thinking.


which is part of my self growth as an artist.

 as I realised not all artists come from the energetic heart center known in the esoteric world connecting to higher consciousness, which is the connection to the world of mindfulness.but not necessarily the pathway of self healing, inner perception, heart centered love, soul & spirit which comes with esoteric wisdom teachings of the soul & spirit.

My journey in art had me developing many projects  as I was a mature student with a wide vocalbury to play with, a rich tapestry of life experiences & insights . Some where  painting studies of the ethereal nature of light and the colours within it. Others were film & photography studies of 'the shadows of man', which was more psychological​, they were expressions of human endevaeurs . Some were collective images of pain & suffering, others photography of 'broken porcelain dolls or puppets and then there was 'ghost' . All aspects led me into film making , photoshop & prints , which is how I arrived at were I am today with my new 'ghost series.' or should I say my 'new colour ghost series'

All my art studies however, with my different projects became a training ground for something  better though.  It frustrated me , having the shadow  studies separat from colour studies.  So I merged both into ghost, as it was a  way of adding color & light into shadows, through digital media, photoshop etc for prints This is the point i needed to discover in myself as an artist, I needed to  bring color  & light into a shabby shadow of a ghost.  Being I realised as an artist 'that a good piece of art says something',  it was a way of reflecting  the  classical, theatrical, archetypical, iconic & psychological  ghost image into the universe. With projections of color & light ,  transforming the figurative ghostly shadows characteristics into  tones , hues through a looking glass. It was a way to merge  my foundation of understandings  into something bigger, better, beyond,  into one project that I could take forward as an artist, something I could identify with from both schools of thought, to merge them together using a deeper inner knowing from my perception of ethereal realms & other dimensions. To me it is art that connects to a universal  collective meaning with  the rich tapestry that interlinks across cultures through spiritual consciuosness & sophiciication to sit in both the spiritual  esoteric world of soul & contemporary practices. Bringing in an authentic balance, a translation  of a contextual art practice  that has a relationship to the spirit world, other dimiensions, yet it is contemporary with the additional transformative processes to the image.  It has a relationship to  color, light, shadows, psychology, archetypes, symbolisum &  ghost is recorgnised as being of spirit, of being ethereal in nature, not of the earth plan, as they exist in other dimensions.

My art theories are based on spirit, both schools of thought  extending into the use of  light, the colors within light  & the psychology of color.

It is a disaplined art practice , that is both  left & right brain orientated, it requires technique, intellectual scheming, concentration and the execution of a creative flow to bring union to the subject. And I as an artist am proud to be of both worlds in the contemporary  art scene & the esoteric spiritual scene, as they both inform one another, both can be utilized as a tool for the ascension process of humanity , with the embodiment of esoteric practices in a skill set of art practices. 

emcompases the spectrum of consciousness, within a timeless presence,

'There for  'I am ghost'..  I am a ghost to my family, a ghost to all things past, I am ghost to all things unwanted, low vibrating, negative, that stand in the shadows. I am the shadow ghost, I am the color ghost , I am the light bearing ghost. I am the luminous ghost, I am a ghost artist wanting to bring the light into the shadows .




The difference lies however with the art critics in the contemporary art world, with their cultural view points and dogma that divides concepts, with current fashions of the contemporary art world. As there is no critism


art world being that all is accepted within the vibration of love and spirit which unites all. Even if someone creates a dark aspect of themselves as that aspect is accepted as a release of there shadow aspect, which is part of a soul level healing process.

They are linked as no artist can create anything without thought, sense, touch and feeling through there hands, yet that is part of our soul, our inner workings of the human psyche which is the teachings of the esoteric world being that it comes from a deeper perception of inner knowing.


Both are skillful, original forms of transformative insights from observations of the subject. Both are self reflective independent thoughts guided by intuition.

The visionary art world however maps human consciousness through symbolism which is a transpersonnal psychology that enters universal spiritual consciousness through awareness. It is a mystic union to luminous transcendental realms of an unlimited ultimate reality, that manifests a power to uplift humanity through spiritual visions. Which is born from deep insights, a contemplation that enters the mind and heart of the seeker of soul truths through experiening divine laws. Which is different to some contemporary artists who develope art practices through observation of subject matter. As there is a difference between looking at an object and seeing through divine wisdom with understanding.

  anaylis  - 

Or is it just the contemporary art world that can be corrupt, as it is ' about who you know',  who validated your art, where you exhibited, where you have been featured in magazines etc. 



The visionary art world however emcompases the entire spectrum of consciousness, within a timeless presence,


where as the majority of the contemporary art world embodies aspects of seperateness from divine truths, although art work is individual with its critical relevance.


Cand art history.


 the rich tapestry of ancient and foriegn art traditions of folk art that has


a colourful heritage with roots spread throughout the cultures in the world. The high culture of the contemporary art world is dominated by propaganda, trend setting and critical motivations, which is different to the terrain of the visionary art world which is a path of self actualization and liberation for the seeker of truths on the wheel of life or dharma in search of the philosophers stone.


But not all art is spiritually enhanced, it can be hollow, shallow or empty which is where the inner nature of spiritual practices help, as it allows the artist to channel spiritual energy into there art practice through a medative state.


This is the bond between art and spirituality, which breaths life into the subject through natural flow, as it is art from a contemplation of spirit, art that flows with energy and sacredness, art that is a divine out pouring, which is learnt from inner transcendental and visionary aspects of the human psychi. This is different to the intellectual critical agenda of the contemporary art world which focuses on rationalization of a subject and art that is built upon by an extended art theory taught in contemporary art schools.


The visionary art world however is more then just a form of art, as it has come from artists who journey on their souls pathway to open their kundalini energy and transcend their ego to open up to higher consciousness. This transdental journey in itself is a school of thought that requires disapline and dedication to the art of living in full conscious alignment to our soul aspect. This art practice does not come from having a certificate or studying a degree for a few years, it comes from a life time commitment of transpersonnal change and the commitment to the divine. It is of esoteric nature and it connects to the sacred inner wisdom of higher laws that govern the universe. It is the pathway of the rainbow bridge within us that is found in our chakras, it connects to our true identity as a human, which is why the visionary art world is about insight, it is not about what we are conditioned to believe is right about art. It is an expression of our true divine nature, our thoughts in the ethereal world of mind, energy, vibration & spirit.

And I as an artist am proud to be of both worlds in the contemporary and visionary art scenes, as they both inform one another, both can be utilized as a tool for the ascension process of humanity in practices where I channel high vibrational energy into my paintings from my embodiment of esoteric practices.



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