Ghost Statement

A figurative ambiguous archetype apparition appears in the landscapes, a twilight shape shifter of death and morbidity. It appears in a disguise, in a state of metamorphism and masquerade's hiding the masked persona of our unseen shadow self, the unwanted repressed subconscious aspect of the human psyche.

It’s a classical theatrical ghost costume made from recycled materials, with torn shreds & cords hanging from it, representing the past old psychic cords to individuals & situations we hang on to. That has been used in performance art, filmed, photographed or manipulated with digital media to frame the characteristic of mood & movement. It can shimmer with the movement of the light and mystery schools of thought or it can be as dark as the canyons of the mind to tap into someone’s subconscious fears.


It is representative of ethereal hauntings of ghosts that often interact with the mortal world momentarily from another dimension. It is suggestive of a soul from beyond the grave and the essence of mystery allows the viewers imagination to questions overlapping monologues, of what is beyond the veil of death, do ghosts actually exist; Is there anything inside, will it unleash or is it chained down to the core hiding both face and mind, what is beneath the mask, beneath the skins where it hides. Will it make manifest to the living or will it shed the old scars of fear and transform into a higher vibration or new self from its shadow self? Or will it remain a ghost or someone’s energetic soul fragment with no physical body forever in a parallel universe.? Does the human psyche hide so much; is there an aspect of the soul that lives on after physical death? These are the questions I asked myself as an artist who studies what is beyond, what is within, what is often unseen, ethereal in nature and not of the physical plane.

It is an art project that seems to have an arena of it’s own, having been on a journey in public protests, performance art, developed into prints for the esoteric world of spirit & mind-fullness; is in a collaborative film production with a professional producer and film director, for an Art-house film project; It has also been known to tap into individuals psyches, revealing subconscious attachments to fear based energies, just by its presence.. It is subtle in approach, spiritual and has sometimes been known to make individuals nervous. Yet it is just a creative expression of an aspect of a shadow that seems to have limitless opportunities to be part of a stage in life.


​The conceptual theory behind the shadow ghosts purpose is to bring in awareness of something deeper within our soul. It is an expression of inner knowledge I gained through my work as a psychic clairvoyant & my expanded sense of consciousness. Yet it seems to have the ability to merge with others psyches, developing awareness of what is often over looked, dismissed or not noticed  as it references what is subtle in nature, belonging to something beyond physical reality. Yet the versatility of the imagery also seems to questions what fears lie within individuals subconscious states., from negative conditioning, traumas, unwanted experiences, from the ghosts of our past. Parts of the human psyche that need to be released, cast out from the unwanted shadow self through inner transformation. work.

Which brings us back to the shadows of man or "The Ghosts of the Past", So Who are the ghost within us & in ethereal visitation in places from other dimensions?


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