Light Spectrum Statement


This is an art practice that comes from the study of full spectrum natural sunlight in ethereal realms, the non physical, in an investigation of what is ‘beyond’ physical reality & in the ethers.

They are part of a series in art based studies, investigating other dimensions sourced from all that is not of the earth plane, un-solid in nature, of the shadows or of the light in both color & psychological content.

Sourced from observations of photography,  records of fleeting images of light reflections from various surfaces, from the in-between world, of the etheric realms. Which have then been magnified through digital media for translation into painting practices, capturing the patterns & hues of color. Bringing what is not solid into a physical reality, whilst painting with the color theories of the spirited in painting practices from Ruldolf Stieners color theories.


The painting of them is a process of research in color combinations, exploring the unknown limits in mark making. Whilst creating abstract compositions about vibrancy, vitality, sunshine & rainbow colors, that wrap around the canvas.


The use of a visual contrast of bold flat flooded spaces of color come from the creative purpose of being child like & joyous, allowing oneself to be in a space where you can jump over the rainbow & play.  They are about happiness, sunshine and the inner nature of the child within our human psyche which we can attune too. The bright simplicity of flat bold intense plains of colour  resembles how a child fills in areas whilst discovering the colours of the rainbow in open ended possibilities


IMG_3129 (1) 2.jpg