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Inner Childs Rainbow Paintings Statement

Oil on canvas

These abstract rainbow coloured paintings are created with the concept of our inner child's joyful way of relating to the spectrum of colours in the rainbow. They are about jumping over the rainbow, happiness, sunshine & our inner nature of the child within us. The use of a visual contrast of bold flat flooded spaces of colour come from the creative purpose of being child like & joyous, allowing oneself to be in a playful space where you can jump over the rainbow. The bright simplicity of flat bold intense plains of colour resembles how a child fills in areas whilst discovering the colours of the rainbow with open ended possibilities.

The image is sourced from photography of ethereal rainbow light reflections, which are beyond physical realms, unsolid in nature. These have then been interpreted & translated in a child like playful way into the physical realm through painting practices.

After all, a colourful child, is a happy child & even as adults we still have the younger self, the inner child within our psyche, which we can attune to for the purpose of play. As the rainbow bridge is within us, we are our own inner child, we are made up of colour & light on the level of spirit. As our soul in-cased within the human physical body has a light energy body, made up of rainbow chakras, energy & vibrations. So we are as adults the creative children, the rainbow children of the universe who still have the imprints of our child like nature within. The inner psychology of colour is in us all, the child within still wants to play in a tangible way with colours, even with our adult responsibilities. The rainbow colours are within us, they can be seen in the ethereal dimensions within a persons energy field, as we are colour, light & energy. The child is still within us, as we are the rainbow children of the universe.

Who didn’t scribble on the wall as a child? Dare you, free your inner child within! Be playful, be creative & smile, as your inner two year old wants to come out to play!


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