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Abstract Shattered Light Painting's Statement


This is an art practice that comes from the study of shadows & light in ethereal realms, the non physical, in an investigation of what is ‘beyond’ physical reality & in the ethers.


Created by freezing a fleeting moving image on screen savers, an artificial light, from modern technology then putting them through a process to shatter the image to create abstract compositions for prints from a source that is un-solid to touch. For the purpose of a painting practice as a process of research in color combinations, exploring the unknown limits in mark making. Whilst creating abstract compositions with a vibrancy breaking through from the darkness in open ended possibilities of finely painted brush strokes with a complexity & vibrancy of color for visual contrast. Translating what is not solid into a physical reality whilst painting with the color theories of the spirited in painting practices from Ruldolph Stieners color theories.


They are part of a series in art based studies, investigating other dimensions sourced from all that is not of the earth plane, un-solid in nature, of the shadows or of the light in both color & psychological content.

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