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Light Spectrum Photography Statement

The study of natural sunlight, capturing the colours, patterns and the ethereal nature of full spectrum light.
Light that is present in our lives every day, that is 'beyond' physical realms. Yet part of the greater nature of the universe. Light that is often seen in fleeting moments, a fraction of time from a sequence of events, movements & reflections in surfaces of natural light.
I simply observe, record and freeze the image in time with photography, to view the small particles of light which is unsolid in nature, being of anti-gravity from the in-between world, the etheric realms. Then I use digital media to magnify the light images to create ethereal compositions.

Images from a kalidoscope of vivid bright colours & tones from natural light. That  merge & blend like water colours, as the tones bleed into each other, creating shapes, patterns, that we often over look in life, as there tiny microcosums. Which I make into the macrocosums to capture the beauty of ethereal dimensions through light spectrum photography.

I also translate the image's of ethereal light into a solid form through painting practices. As I use the full spectrum of colours to create rainbow paintings with the concept of the inner child at play. As  I can not resist jumping over the rainbow, when I paint with colours, having studied the ethereal light energy body or rainbow light body within  the human psyche.

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